Re: Boehner Is Struck, But Not Felled, By Critics

As Seth wrote, it looks as if House Republicans are beginning to come around in favor of the Boehner plan. It’s also being helped along by the support it’s receiving from high-profile fiscal conservatives in Congress, Politico reports:

Support from some of the more prominent conservative members could provide cover to the other members to support the bill.

Why the turnaround? Maybe because conservative opponents of the Boehner plan simply don’t have the support on the ground. The idea that large numbers of grassroots conservatives are fired up against the plan was debunked by the paltry number of activists who showed up at D.C. Tea Party rally today:

Despite featuring Tea Party icons Sens. Jim DeMint (R-SC), Mike Lee (R-UT), and Rand Paul (R-KY), among others, a gathering outside the Senate organized by the Tea Party Express to urge Republicans to stand firm against a compromise bill drew only a handful of attendees.

Reporters, many of whom came to interview presidential candidate Herman Cain, appeared to easily outnumber protesters. And despite being the most prominent attendee, Cain ended up not addressing the crowd and watched from the sidelines.

Conservative groups might be pushing back against the proposal, but there’s little evidence so far this is a grassroots-driven fight. The desolate photos of that rally are sure to comfort Republican House members who may be leaning apprehensively toward Boehner’s plan.