Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, of the anti-Zionist haredi group Neturei Karta, has buddied up to some of the top anti-Semitic scumbags of our time. He’s been photographed at Holocaust revisionist conferences, burning Israeli flags, and warmly embracing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

And yesterday, he actually showed up at a campaign event for Ron Paul.

At the American Spectator, John Tabin posted a photo of Weiss and Paul shaking hands in New Hampshire. Tabin, who was at the event, adds:

On the way out, I overheard a late-middle-aged Ron Paul supporter, identifiable by button and sticker, talking to one of the Neturei Karta guys, saying that “The Zionist are godless atheists … they only believe in themselves.” Ron Paul may not hate Israel, but people who hate Israel sure seem to like Ron Paul.

The conversations between Paul’s fans and the Neturei Karta sound interesting, but what did Paul himself talk about with the group’s leader? Thanks to this C-SPAN video, which captured Paul’s brief conversation with Weiss, we get to listen in on what the two were saying while they shook hands. The interaction starts around the 49-minute mark:

Weiss: Excuse me. I’m a rabbi from New York. Thank you for the [garbled] into Zionism and Judaism. This is a religion, and it should never be transformed into a nationalism.

Ron Paul: Good advice! Good advice.

Note to Ron Paul staffers: If you’re trying to help soften your candidate’s anti-Israel reputation, taking advice from the Neturei Karta rabbi is not a good way to start. Even if he is wearing a black hat and peyot.

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