Shows Go On, Despite Isaac

Both Romney and Obama are moving ahead with their scheduled campaign plans for the week, despite the storm set to hit the Gulf Coast early tomorrow morning, CNS News reports:

The White House announced on Monday that President Barack Obama plans to campaign in Charlottesville, Va., on Wednesday–the day the National Hurricane Center predicts Hurricane Isaac will hit the Gulf Coast.

Those who say the GOP should cancel the convention at this point are either delusional or acting in bad faith. Anyone can see that Republicans have no choice but to forge ahead. The entire Party is in Tampa, the convention is paid for, and the show has to go on. They couldn’t bump it back even if they wanted to — the Democratic convention is right on their heels.

Obama, on the other hand, can cancel his campaigning and jet to New Orleans if the hurricane is significant. It would be a presidential moment, and would surely draw attention away from the RNC. Republicans wouldn’t object — you can’t criticize a president for showboating because he’s rushing to a disaster scene.