Facing the Angry Voters

Conservatives are coming out in force to oppose ObamaCare — and it’s only the first week of August. The New York Times reports:

Senator Arlen Specter and the health and human services secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, were heckled and booed in Philadelphia on Sunday.

I think this is called community-organizing. But the Obama spinners are beside themselves. Greg Sargent demands to know if Republicans approve of “loud and angry mob hecklings.” Yes, this is democracy in all its messy glory — holding legislators accountable, demanding to know why they haven’t read legislation they are voting on, and asking impertinent questions. Next thing you know they will be marching, signing petitions, and running for office. The horror of it all.

But this is the reason Obama and the congressional leadership didn’t want to face the voters before the deal was struck on health care. Those Blue Dogs might be emboldened to hold the line, and all those freshmen lawmakers might get the idea that their political careers could end in a little over a year if they come back with some monstrous bill that raises taxes and messes with the health insurance that most of their constituents actually like.