Such is the lot of the White House press secretary that he will stick to the White House line, no matter how dumb it sounds. Robbert Gibbs was up at bat on Thursday and went down swinging. In the process he pointed out just how untenable the White House spin is. The Hill reported:

Despite losing almost a half-million jobs in June, the economy is showing signs of recovery, the White House said Thursday.

We are recovering. But unemployment is getting worse. And the stimulus is definitely working. Got it? It sounds like they haven’t a clue what to do and don’t want to admit they have been concocting a disaster. And we shouldn’t pick on Gibbs. The president and the rest of the administration are no better:

President Obama on Wednesday told a town-hall meeting that the stimulus has “done its job.” But Mr. [Jared] Bernstein on Thursday offered a more cautious view. Monthly job losses aren’t as bad as they were from December to March, when payrolls were trimmed by more than 600,000, Mr. Bernstein said. “That’s not a success story — mission not accomplished,” he said on Fox Business Channel, but “the worst is behind us.”

Except that unemployment is going to ten percent.

It is quite reminiscent of the White House predicament on Iraq before the successful implementation of the surge. In both cases, the White House’s denial of reality and double talk only contribute to the sense that the president is cut off from reality and too stubborn to change course. To his credit, George W. Bush did recognize it wasn’t working and turned things around. Will Obama? Well, first he would have to admit that what he’s tried so far hasn’t “done its job.”