The period before any inauguration is always a grim moment for those who didn’t support the person taking the oath. What’s been happening this week, though, is unlike anything we’ve experienced in the living memory of Americans. The “resistance” to President-elect Donald Trump has taken the form of boycotts of the ceremony and counter-programming, including a mass women’s march in Washington the next day. That’s to say nothing of the blizzard of opprobrium directed not only at the president-elect but at anyone who is treating the festivities as if they were part of a normal transition of power. That this kind of nasty criticism is being flung at the Girl Scouts of America, of all organizations, for being one of the groups that will march in the inaugural parade, is significant.

That’s not just because the Scouts are a non-partisan organization taking part in an event which is traditionally considered above politics. It also illustrates that, for partisans in our increasingly bifurcated society, no one is allowed to be neutral in the battle to brand the Trump administration illegitimate.


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