Has There Ever Been One to Top This?

In recent political history, politicians have had some rotten weeks. Usually, one bad thing happens and the rest of the week is lost. Think Lehman Brothers and the John McCain campaign meltdown. Or one of the presidential debate gaffes. But I’m hard pressed to think of a person who had as many bad days, one after another, as Arlen Specter did this week. And Friday is no exception. Talking Points Memo tells us:

As if the situation with Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) couldn’t be a bigger mess, he is now disputing Harry Reid’s contention that he’ll be a solid procedural vote for the Democrats.
Yesterday, you’ll recall, Reid said on MSNBC yesterday, “on procedural votes he’ll be with us all the time.”

So just to clarify: whether on substance or procedure, whether on radio or TV, Specter will be a constant thorn in the Democrats’ side. Why? Well, like the scorpion in the parable, it is just his nature. Democrats will have to decide whether they can do better and the president will have to decide if Specter is worth his time and fund-raising efforts.