How Right Was Cheney? Very

All year former Vice President Dick Cheney has been bird-dogging the president on his anti-terrorism policies. From the get-go, Cheney has charged Obama with foolishly abandoning the policies that worked to keep America safe and reverting to a pre- 9/11 mentality. He made that argument once again today:

Liberals have sneered that Cheney was exaggerating or misreading the Obami’s approach to terrorism. But at each turn — the plan to close Guantanamo and send detainees to places like Yemen, the release of the enhanced interrogation memos (but only selectively), and the decisions to cease enhanced interrogation techniques and give KSM a civilian trial — the Obama team has in effect proved Cheney’s point.

What about the voters? The public has consistently registered disapproval of Obama’s approach. Like Cheney, they don’t want the CIA investigated and would prefer we use necessary interrogation techniques to save lives. They don’t think it’s a good idea to give KSM a forum to spew his jihadist propaganda and obtain access to classified materials. However, the voters have lacked a concrete example to demonstrate the consequences of the Obami’s approach. Now they see where it leads — a laconic response from the president, a terrorist sitting mute in jail rather than spilling what he knows to interrogators, and dogged determination by the administration to avoid labeling these attacks as part of a worldwide war waged by Islamic terrorists.

Say what you will but Cheney has made his point — or Obama has made it for him. And the voters will decide whether “not Bush” is really such a smart approach to keeping them safe.