Another Group Fed Up with Obama?

Obama has been playing the Hispanic community for fools. As his polling numbers among this traditionally Democratic voting group eroded, he promised to elevate immigration reform to the top of the agenda. He had no intention of doing much of anything — other than decrying the efforts of Arizona to fill the void left by the federal government. Well, Obama has now managed to infuriate both proponents of a more restrictionist immigration policy and the Hispanic community. Politico reports:

President Barack Obama has lost the most trusted man in the Hispanic media.

Well, that’s some political karma. Obama’s cynical ploy has backfired spectacularly and revealed him to be very much a divider and not a uniter on a hot-button issue. There may not be consensus in the country on what to do about immigration. But increasingly, voters can agree that Obama is practicing the politics of division and doing so with so little finesse that he’s managing to annoy both sides in the debate.