Burton Suddenly Remembers He Had Dentist Appointment Back Home

John Burton — the chairman of the California Democratic Party who came under fire for comparing Paul Ryan to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels — reportedly cut a quick exit from the Democratic National Convention last night for a “pre-scheduled root canal” back in California. Right. He might as well have said he had to go return some videotapes or stay home and wash his hair. What kind of Democratic Party chair schedules a root canal in the middle of the national convention? Power Line writes:

John Burton is the chairman of the California Democratic Party. Over the weekend, he compared Paul Ryan to Nazi propaganda director Joseph Goebbels.

At HotAir, Ed Morrissey quips, “I wonder if a root canal is an effective way to get one’s foot out of one’s mouth.” There’s still radio silence from the National Jewish Democratic Council on this, but the Obama campaign weighed in yesterday, saying that the Nazi comparison “doesn’t have any place in the political discourse here in Charlotte.” That’s a fairly mild rebuke, and the Los Angeles Times points out that the campaign stopped short of calling for Burton’s resignation. Whether that happens probably depends on how much oxygen this story sucks out of the convention.

Burton tried to stop the bleeding by issuing a forced-sounding apology yesterday, saying he was sorry to “anyone who might have been offended by that comment.” That obviously misses the entire point. The problem isn’t that people were offended, the problem is that a Democratic Party official would make such a wildly inappropriate comparison in the first place.