Do Democrats Own the “Occupy” Protests?

After initially holding the “Occupy Wall Street” protests at arms length, top Democrats in Congress are now starting to embrace the activists, ABC News reports:

But a consensus is emerging among Democrats that the “Occupy” movement is worth tapping into, even helping along and joining with in some instances.

Democrats like Pelosi don’t have much choice, because a good portion of their supporters are probably out marching in the protests. But by speaking out favorably about the demonstrations, are Democrats taking some accountability for what happens there?

That was how the media and the left treated the Tea Party and the Republican Party. But as far as I can recall, there were never mass arrests at Tea Party rallies, while hundreds of protesters have already been arrested at Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, including about three dozen in Iowa last night:

About three dozen people trying to set up an “Occupy Des Moines” camp were arrested overnight.

The protesters are part of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. Several hundred people gathered at noon Sunday for an outdoor meeting in Des Moines. They voted to set up a round-the-clock “occupation” in a park on the state capitol grounds.

Democrats set a precedent by holding the Republican Party responsible for unsubstantiated charges of racism at Tea Party rallies. And it may come back to bite them with the “Occupy Wall Street” protests.