Doug Schoen Predicts

Here‘s Democratic strategist Doug Schoen:

Not only has President Obama systematically put forward unpopular policies and programs that are not producing real, long-lasting results that reflect the wishes of the American people, he has not generated a sense of competence in the electorate.

Schoen concludes this way:

Obama needs to persuade voters that he did stabilize the economy, the banks, the financial system, and the auto industry-and that he has turned around month after month of massive job losses. Moreover, he must compellingly make the case that there has been a consistent strategy, plan, and consistent policy.

Also he must emphasize that he has clear policy prescriptions going forward to balance the budget, reduce spending, and reduce the national debt, while protecting key social programs, as President Clinton was able to do in the mid-to-late ’90s.

Absent that, the Democrats are facing an electoral defeat of potentially unprecedented magnitude.

Obama won’t be able to do what Schoen recommends; we are well past that point. So the fate Schoen fears will likely be visited upon the Democrats in less than 70 days.