Once again the leaders of America’s union movement are providing more evidence of the devotion of liberals to civil political discourse. At a rally in Trenton, New Jersey yesterday, Chris Shelton, the vice president of the Communications Workers of America, told a crowd assembled to protest pension reform that “It took World War II to get rid of the last Adolf Hitler — it’s gonna take World War III to get rid of Adolf Christie!”

According to Politico:

“Welcome to Nazi Germany!” Shelton said when he first took the podium. He went on, “The first thing they did, the first thing the Nazis and Adolf Hitler did, was go after the unions, and that’s what Christie and his two generals are trying to do in New Jersey!”

As it turns out, the “two generals” Shelton was ranting about were the Democratic leaders of the New Jersey state senate and the Assembly, who reached an agreement with the Republican governor on a measure that would provide the state some relief from the financial pressures caused by out-of-control state worker pension costs.

Union thugs made similar comments during protests in Wisconsin earlier this year. But the union movement hasn’t learned its lesson. The main reason why characters like Shelton think they can get away with calling New Jersey “Nazi Germany” and its governor “Adolf” is they realize  the mainstream media won’t call them to account for such slanders or examine the mindset that produces such thinking.

It’s more than clear despite the myths propagated by liberals during the debate over Obamacare and the rise of the Tea Party movement, it isn’t only conservatives who can talk tough about their opponents. Then we were told harsh criticism of liberals leads directly to violence such as the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (even though her assailant was an apolitical lunatic). And we can expect more attempts to demonize conservatives once the presidential campaign is in full swing as the growing discontent with Barack Obama will be falsely characterized, like the Tea Party, as either anti-democratic or racist.

But until liberal liars like Shelton are made to pay a penalty for their language and actions, we can expect more of the same from him and his sympathizers in the months and years to come.

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