Obama’s Approval Ratings Hit New Low

Or as Gallup prefers to frame it in its desperately optimistic headline: Obama Weekly Approval at 42%; Liberal Support Remains High:

Although President Obama’s job approval rating hit the low point of his administration during the past week and is down among most subgroups, there are no signs yet that he has taken a disproportionate hit among his traditional base of liberals and Democrats. On a relative basis, both of these groups remain as loyal to Obama compared with Americans overall as they have been on average since he took office in January 2009.

So his liberal Democratic base still supports him, with 83 percent giving him good marks on his job performance. And the president should enjoy that while it lasts. The poll was taken from July 25-31 — before Obama endorsed the Republican’s immoral Satan-sandwich deal and trampled all over the memory of John Maynard Keynes. Progressives have already revolted, and they won’t let him forget it anytime soon.

And while liberals aren’t disappointed with Obama yet, basically everyone else is. His job approval rating is at just 37 percent among independents, and 12 percent with Republicans. Depending on how the debt ceiling deal plays out, those numbers could improve after today – but they’re still pretty grim.