Obama Campaign’s Disgraceful Birth Control Fear-Mongering

At the Washington Examiner, Tim Carney flags an offensively dishonest attack on opponents of the contraception insurance mandate from the Obama campaign’s website. The campaign published a fake birth control “permission slip” that would supposedly be filled out by an employee and employer. It reads:

Employer Authorization for Contraception

Click over to look at the actual photo, because this needs to be seen to understand how absurd it is. Carney does a great job debunking this attack, though I won’t get into all the falsehoods in this post.

The bottom line is that this mock “permission slip” is such a fundamental distortion of the opposition to the mandate that Catholic organizations should have little faith Obama takes them or their concerns seriously. He clearly has no interest in understanding, or even pretending to understand, their religious objections to the mandate. The level of insensitivity here is astounding.

Almost as offensive is what this attack says about the Obama campaign’s views of women. Clearly, this is designed to misrepresent the opposition to the mandate in such a way that women are scared into believing their employer might personally question them about their contraception use, or bar them from accessing birth control. This would obviously be an alarming personal intrusion – if it had any grounding in reality.

In fact, it has absolutely no relation to what the Blunt amendment, or any resolution supported by the GOP candidates and Catholic organizations, are actually arguing for. There is no movement out there trying to force women to get permission from work in order to access birth control, and it’s sad the Obama campaign thinks women can be duped into thinking otherwise.