How Low Can Obama Go?

Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard, citing President Obama leading captive audiences in chants of “Pass this bill,” has written, “The Obama presidency has entered the pathetic phase.” I concur, and I’d offer another (small) example that buttresses Barnes’ assessment. At a Rose Garden speech last week, the president said this:

I have to repeat something I said in my speech on Thursday. There are some in Washington who’d rather settle our differences through politics and the elections than try to resolve them now. In fact, Joe [Biden] and I, as we were walking out here, we were looking at one of the Washington newspapers and it was quoting a Republican aide saying, “I don’t know why we’d want to cooperate with Obama right now. It’s not good for our politics.” That was very explicit.

A friend of mine, in pointing this out, said he’s astonished the president has now made a press comment by an anonymous Republican congressional aide part of his speeches. There are certainly worse ways to lower to prestige of the presidency – but to have reached the point where the president of the United States is now fighting with unnamed congressional staff shows you how far Obama has fallen.

Perhaps anonymous quotes from state legislative interns is next.

Is this really the moment we were all waiting for?