RE: Obama Is Annoyed

Contrast Obama’s testiness with Israel over the Jewish state’s temerity to defend itself with the sentiments of Marco Rubio, who writes, “Of course, we should stand with Israel.” It is worth reading Rubio’s comments in full, but this is particularly noteworthy:

As many in the international community use this flotilla incident to predictably rally against Israel, it is important to stand firmly behind our ally. In no way can the U.S. allow a path to be cleared that would enable the United Nations or any international body to discredit and diminish our democratic friend and partner. If Israel’s right to self-defense is undermined by misguided efforts to lift its legal and necessary blockade of Gaza, which serves to stop Hamas from arming itself with deadly weapons, there will be lasting consequences not only for Israel, but also for the U.S. and the entire world.

No equivocation, no hand-wringing, no second-guessing. The un-Obama approach to our ally Israel.

The Obama administration has set the bar so low that we are delighted when it at least withholds judgment. But that is the wrong standard. The measurement of an administration by those who cherish the Jewish state and the U.S.-Israel relationship should be whether it acts with moral clarity, rebuts the lies in international bodies, refuses to pretend that terrorists are humanitarians, and demonstrates that we are a good ally — not a thorn in Israel’s side. On the latter point, Rubio reminds us:

If the U.S. shows itself to be an unreliable ally to Israel, moderate Arab states will take note that they cannot trust the U.S. to be a reliable friend for them either. This is unacceptable for the future of U.S. security, Israel’s existence and the prospects for a lasting peace in the Middle East.

In sum, if Obama feels no real affection for the Jewish state, perhaps he can put aside his animus momentarily for the practical reason that Rubio explains. But apparently with the Obama crowd, any “realism” is overridden by blinding ideology and personal pique. Oh, to have a secretary of state who would announce that “ideology is so yesterday!” Oh, yes, well, one who actually means it.