Given their party’s almost uniform leftward drift, Democrats appear to be laboring under the impression that it was progressivism that triumphed in 2018. Indeed, a casual observer of politics might be under the same impression.

The Democratic Party’s most visible members are its fringiest. The ubiquitous freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spent the weekend lecturing an audience of well-heeled software developers and media moguls at the annual South by Southwest conference that “capitalism is irredeemable,” and her fellow Democratic Socialists won’t settle for “ten percent better than garbage,” which is how she described the present state of American affairs. The Democratic Party’s 2020 aspirants rushed to defend Rep. Ilhan Omar, who successfully forced her fellow Democrat to abandon a resolution condemning her latest in an ongoing series of anti-Semitic comments. Rep. Rashida Tlaib has made countless headlines in her push to introduce articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, generating far more traction in the process than Rep. Al Green ever did even though he’s been on the same quixotic crusade for the last two years.


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