Lincoln Sinking

Another day, another poll, and another Democratic incumbent on the rocks. Public Policy Polling tells us:

John Boozman will enter the Arkansas Senate race this weekend as the frontrunner. He leads incumbent Blanche Lincoln by an amazing 56-33 margin in our first poll of the race.

That’s what Nancy Pelosi’s pole-vaulting is getting the Democrats: more and more endangered incumbents. There are just so many Democrats who can “retire” and be reshuffled by those not tainted with votes in favor of the Obama agenda. There are just so many candidates and just so much money to be raised to fill the slots of those being sacrificed by the Democratic leadership. And in Lincoln’s case, there is no sign she’d go quietly.

There may be no “solution” for the Democrats. The damage from a year of votes on extremist legislation is there for all to see. The Obama budget — with rampant spending, huge tax increases, and a record deficit — will be hard for most Democrats to defend. The best that some can do is to put distance between themselves and the agenda of their far-Left leadership. Here’s a suggestion for those who still have a fighting chance: cut funding for domestic trials and incarceration of Guantanamo detainees, keep the Bush tax cuts in place (at least until unemployment comes down to low single digits), come up with a short, bipartisan list of targeted health-care reforms (e.g., tort reform, removal of the ban on interstate insurance sales), and put an end to the Obama spend-athon, starting with the new budget (which includes $25 billion more in Medicaid spending, $100 billion for Son of the Stimulus, and hikes in outlays for many domestic programs). It might not be enough to save all the Democrats, but it could spare a few.