Losing the Touch

That keen political radar that steered candidate Barack Obama around Hillary Clinton and past John McCain seems to be on the fritz. Even his media fans think so. Greg Sargent observes:

“People are not sitting around their kitchen tables thinking about AIG,” [David]Axelrod said. “They are thinking about their own jobs.”

So are people upset about this, or aren’t they? Actually, people are thinking about the AIG disaster. Yesterday’s Gallup poll found that a big majority is very upset about it. Only 11% said they are “not particularly bothered” by it.

It’s not “weird” — it’s panic. The entire crew is drowning in a public feeding frenzy of their own making. So they are throwing out whatever argument pops to mind. The contracts can’t be changed! Oh, we’re going to do everything we can to stop this! Oh, who cares!?

And then the president gets into the act, comparing AIG execs to suicide bombers. Is that really the right metaphor for the leader of the Free World?

You sense even their widely admired political skills are buckling under the weight of events and the scrutiny that goes with occupying the White House. It’s a good thing they don’t like big government or spending money, or we’d really have to worry about them getting in over their heads.