Not the Right Time for Royalty?

The New Yorker joins in the Caroline Kennedy bashing with this:

She met with a couple of Times reporters recently and said “you know” a hundred and thirty-eight times. Speaking to the News, and on NY1, she broke two hundred. The effect, however, was not to suggest a shared world view but to recall what some commentators refer to as the “Roger Mudd moment”—a reference to the CBS correspondent who flummoxed Caroline’s uncle, Ted Kennedy, in 1979, with questions about his desire to run for President:

Well, it’s not like the Democrats have a merit problem, or concerns about whether the Senate is an exclusive club, right?

Let’s say the timing has been unfortunate for Caroline. Blago and the epidemic of Senate appointments have given birth to the “not very democratic for Democrats” storyline. And increased scrutiny of a number of cabinet appointments — Leon Panetta,  Bill Richardson and Eric Holder — has fueled the “we thought this was a meritocracy” carping. Sometimes the moment isn’t right, you know?

In any case, if a media creature like Caroline wants to run the least she can do is impress the media. And that she certainly hasn’t done.