Not Very Changey

This report doesn’t sound like Roland Burris is going away quietly:

I am now the junior senator from the state of Illinois,” he said from the pulpit of a South Side church on what he said was the eve of his trip to Washington.

And the Illinois Democrats keep digging, now sending a subpoena for Burris to appear at the impeachment proceedings on Wednesday when Burris is due to be in D.C. The Illinois Democrats in cahoots with Reid seem to be intent on playing the role of bully, trying to strong arm Burris out of his seat. It would seem the Great Conciliator, the Agent of Change, should give them some advice. If they all hope to escape this without further embarrassment it might be a good idea to start treating the Junior Senator from Illinois with some respect. If not, he’s going to make all their lives miserable — for as long as the litigation lasts.