O, Sage of Mesopotamia!

It’s already happening. The media is setting up Barack Obama to take the credit for President Bush’s turnaround in Iraq. Here’s Alissa J. Rubin, in the New York Times:

Many Shiite politicians had been under intense pressure from Iranian leaders not to sign a security agreement. Iran, which has close ties to Shiite politicians, has feared the agreement would lay the groundwork for a permanent American troop presence in Iraq that would threaten Iran.

I’m not sure it’s a positive thing that Iran is now less worried about American regional influence. And consider this absurd sentence from from Reuters:

After years of opposing a timetable for withdrawal, the Bush administration has accepted Baghdad’s demand that it commit to withdrawing all troops by the end of 2011, bringing it closer to Obama’s position.

If at 8am you tell me it’s night and I don’t agree with you until 8pm, have I come closer to your position?

The truth is, success in Iraq is more important than apportioning credit. And speaking of credit–if Obama is consecrated as the wise steward of the correct Iraq policy, will he “spread the wealth” among the soldiers and marines who have actually won the war and congratulate them on an unqualified American victory?