Re: Empathy and Silence

Abe, the president’s certainly got an earful on this today. As Politico reports, there are those still willing to speaking truth to power:

President Barack Obama’s visit to Capitol Hill for the Holocaust Day of Remembrance ceremony turned into more than just a solemn memorial event Thursday morning. As the president sat waiting for his turn at the podium, a series of speakers admonished him, in terms both veiled and direct, to confront Iran’s government as a threat to Jews and to Israel.

Israeli Ambassador Sallai Meridor warned: “When a regime is again … terrorizing its neighbors, threatening to destroy the Jewish people, how will we meet this challenge before it’s too late?” But kudos go to Joel Geiderman, the vice chairman of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, who laid it out for the president:

At least one whole nation has been targeted for destruction with the threat to wipe it off the map. History should have taught us that democracies that let such pledges stand do so at their own peril.

Perhaps they can give the president some reading material on the subject. He’s a reader, you know.