Re: Re: Not Much

John, there was a hodgepodge-like quality to it. John Judis, hardly a right-winger, noted it too. Judis observes:

Barack Obama has the makings of a great orator, but his inaugural speech was not a great oration. It was well-delivered, but it consisted of a hodgepodge of themes, injunctions, and applause lines that did not speak directly to the crisis that the country faces.

Read the whole thing as they say. But unlike our friends on the left for whom words are everything, I think conservatives have essentially given up trying to divine what President Obama will do by what he says. The latter is so opaque and so evidently designed to please multiple voices that it is not revealing of his own. That will take concrete decisions. So while we wish the words were more sharply focused and the speech more logically designed, I can’t say that it matters. What matters is what he will do when forced to make the tough choices. Perhaps less talk and more hard thinking about costs and benefits, real threats and imagined dangers, and the real content of catch-word slogans would be time well spent.