Snowed In

Sen. Olympia Snowe took a lot of guff about voting for the stimulus plan. But it turns out she tried to prevent AIG-type bonus debacles but was foiled by her Democratic friends. This from her local paper tells the tale:

Sens. Olympia Snowe of Maine and Ron Wyden of Oregon have temporarily lost their effort to force financial institutions to repay taxpayers for the huge bonuses they handed out after receiving federal bailout money. Their plan deserves another chance.

Perhaps Snowe’s solution was too draconian or there were other ideas for how to combat the problem. Or maybe Sen. Dodd nixed her idea behind closed doors. But this is what happens when massive legislation is jammed through in the middle of the night. And by excluding Republicans from the process the Democrats now lack what they so badly needed — cover.

Even sympathetic Left-leaning bloggers have figured out that with this mess afoot, poll number won’t be of much comfort any longer:

But Obama has slipped in some polls. The NPR poll also finds that he’s slipped under 50% among Independents and finds a tie in a generic Congressional matchup between both parties. Public perceptions can abruptly shift amid crises like these, particularly when all-consuming stories like the AIG mess are buffeting the electorate from all sides. The AIG story has the Obama administration on the defensive, and Republicans are moving rapidly to capitalize on it.

Sounds like it’s time for someone to get thrown under the ever-ready bus. Speaking of Tim Geithner, the press secretary says the president has “complete confidence” in him. But that’s what they said about Tom Daschle.