Survey Shows Obama’s Base Is Eroding

Ron Brownstein, one of the best analysts of polling numbers and political trends in the business (and quite knowledgeable about baseball trivia, I might add), reports this:

Pew found Obama’s numbers are weakest among groups that were skeptical of him last year, but appeared to be kicking the tires on him during the honeymoon stage of his presidency. Now those groups—particularly white men without a college education—are retreating rapidly amid the ideologically polarizing debates over health care, the stimulus and his administration’s overall trajectory.

There is no question that health care is badly wounding the president. And the divisions on the Democratic side are widening, stretching from a gap into a gulf. Obama right now is being whipsawed by people like Kent Conrad in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi in the House. Howard Dean is unhappy. And Paul Krugman, a key figure on the Left, declared that Obama’s “progressive” base is in “revolt.” These are troubled times in Obamaland. And because time and scrutiny have been the enemies of ObamaCare, I suspect things will get worse before they get better.