Tax Problem Epidemic

The RNC caught a break — just in time. The Congressional seat (NY-20) opened by Kirsten Gillibrand’s elevation to the Senate has been identified by Michael Steele as a top priority. The Democrat Scott Murphy has a tax problem. Yeah, seriously. From a local news paper:

The National Republican Congressional Committee on Monday released documents showing liens the state Department of Taxation and Finance placed in 1999 on a computer software firm that Murphy founded.

The good news for the Democrats: the special election has not yet been set and there may be time to dump Murphy. But will they? Without an op-ed from the New York Times reminding them how bad it looks to nominate tax scofflaws in a recession they might be inclined to tough it out. Then we’ll have our first electoral contest in which voters can register their view on the “taxes for thee but not for me” mindset which seems to be a fixture in Washington D.C. In upstate New York that might not go over so well.