From the February 2017 issue:

It’s not just the gruesome irony that she made her name and her reputation trashing the moral compasses of others who didn’t act when they had the power to do so—and then did exactly as they did. It’s worse.

In October 2008, she published the last post on her personal blog before beginning her public career on Obama’s National Security Council. The post was an announcement that she had made Esquire magazine’s list of the “75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century.”

Where did that influence go when it was finally called upon to show itself? What would Power say to the woman who wrote A Problem from Hell? How would she explain herself to herself? Well, look, she might say, you have to understand—like I told Charlie Rose, I was not a born bureaucrat. To which the Samantha Power of yore might respond: Coulda fooled me.

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