It’s not exactly a revelation that primary-election politics are designed to exacerbate intramural tensions and highlight relatively modest distinctions. But beyond personality clashes and cosmetic disagreements about which strategy is best for achieving a shared objective, Democrats are airing the very real grievances they have with Democratic governance. They just don’t seem to know it.

“Rich people are going to have to allow or be forced to allow poor people to live near them,” declared former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke, adding that Americans have a “right” to reasonable commutes. The candidate advocated “having cities that are smarter, that are denser, that have people living closer to where they work and where their families are,” to ensure that the children of wealthy and relatively impoverished Americans “can afford to go to the same public schools.” It’s surely a matter of time before O’Rourke determines that wealthier Americans need to be “forced” to send their children to public schools for his utopian vision to be fully realized.


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