You Mean It’s Expensive?

Ezra Klein (h/t Jonah Goldberg), activist/blogger turned Washington Post columnist, gives us a peek at liberal thinking on healthcare. If you don’t like the notion of government-run and rationed care you’ll be encouraged:

Health reform is, I think it fair to say, in danger right now. The news out of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee was bad. The Congressional Budget Office had scored a partial bill and the result was a total fiasco. But the news out of the Finance Committee is much, much worse.

One has to laugh: no Santa and no universal healthcare plan that “holds down costs.” Yes, to cover tens of millions of previously uninsured people requires a lot of money. Stunning, isn’t it? ( Next up: there is no money tree to repay the debt we are racking up.)

But Klein’s impatience about only spending a trillion exemplifies the dilemma in which ObamaCare proponents now find themselves. Poll after poll shows the public wants to spend less money and is concerned about the growing deficit. However, liberals like Klein are frustrated that they’re being hemmed in by a trillion dollar healthcare target.

Klein provides valuable insight into just how tied up in knots the liberals have gotten on healthcare. They seem to have bought into the notion that cost didn’t matter — or figured the mumbo-jumbo about “bending the cost-curve” was real. In the end, cost may derail the whole exercise.