At times, it seems for those who wish to blame Israel for the lack of peace in the Middle East, there is nothing the Palestinians could do to reassess their thinking. But surely even the most dedicated finder of fault with Israel would have to be shocked by the latest outrage promoted by the official television station of the Palestinian Authority. PA TV runs a show titled “For You,” which is dedicated to stories about Arab prisoners being held in Israeli jails. But last week’s edition broke new ground when it comes to promoting contempt for the value of Jewish life among Palestinians.

The show, which was broadcast twice last week, featured Hakim Awad, a Palestinian who was sentenced to five life sentences last summer for taking part in the cold-blooded murder of a Jewish family in the settlement of Itamar. Hakim and his cousin Amjad Awad stabbed to death Udi and Ruth Fogel and three of their children: 11-year-old Yoav, 4-year-old Elad, and Hadas, a four-month-old baby. But the official television station of the U.S.-funded PA treated Awad as a “hero” and a “legend.”

The show featured the prisoner’s aunt and mother praising him while directly acknowledging his participation in the killings of the Fogel family. The host responded saying, “We also wish them [the murderers] well.” The watchdog group Palestine Media Watch reported the broadcast.

Critics of PMW claim it and other groups that monitor the Arab media cherry-pick incendiary quotes and take them out of context. But there is no way to explain or rationalize the PA’s decision to broadcast shows that glorify terrorists who kill Jewish children. However, this issue is about more than the culpability of PA President Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the Fatah-run Authority (though perhaps soon it will be run by Hamas). The reason why such programs are broadcast is they reflect Palestinian popular opinion which views the murder of Jews as justifiable.

It must be understood that as long as the PA promotes such sentiments, peace is impossible. Until the day comes when a Palestinian government is prepared to teach its people that slaughtering Jews is wrong, there is simply no way it will ever sign an accord that recognizes the legitimacy of a Jewish state–no matter where its borders are drawn.

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