Americans awoke on Friday to the news that one of the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing was dead and that the other was still on the run as a massive manhunt shut down the greater Boston area. Reports also indicate that the pair, brothers, turn out to be of Chechen origin. This information does shoot down the preferred scenario of Salon and other liberals that have openly expressed the hope that the Boston terrorists would turn out to be “white Americans” who perhaps could be linked to conservative causes.

There is a long history of Chechnya being a source of Islamist terrorism, both against Russia and elsewhere. But until we learn more, this is not the time to jump to any conclusions about the motives of these killers or whether they fit the model of the Ft. Hood killer, an American who was inspired by Islamist ideology to carry out a deadly attack. An American media that has been bursting with impatience all week hoping to be able to put this tragedy in some perspective or to use it promote some sort of political agenda will just have to keep waiting.

As we watch coverage of the attempts by law enforcement agencies to find the remaining suspect who is still on the loose, our prayers remain with the families of the victims, which now include a police officer who was killed during the night in a shootout with the terrorists. Above all, let’s hope there will be no more casualties before this story is completed.