Within two hours of the horrific massacre in a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday morning, Julia Ioffe, an American journalist, tweeted thusly:

“And a word to my fellow American Jews. This president makes this possible. Here. Where you live. I hope the embassy move over there, where you don’t live was worth it.”

Ioffe holds forth on matters of national security, foreign policy, and related topics in various American publications. On Saturday, in the immediate aftermath of the horror, she considered it appropriate to engage in the crudest Jew-bashing imaginable. No doubt, she considered her declaration to be profoundly insightful.

Let us parse, in an attempt to understand the unfathomable depths of irrationality and hatred underlying Ioffe’s outburst.

Ioffe wears her education (Princeton alum) and Soviet immigrant background (anti-semitism/Jew cred) on her sleeve.  On such laurels, it seems, she rests her “argument”:

“A word to my fellow American Jews,” she begins her tweet.

You got me. I’m not in the club. I am a dual Canadian-Israeli citizen. So, maybe that’s why I don’t understand what’s to come.

“This president makes this possible.”

This part I follow. She’s talking about President Trump. She is clearly implying that President Trump paved the way for the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre. She is also positing that President Trump encourages white supremacists and their violent proclivities, which often target Jews.


Meaning, President Trump encourages fascist anti-Semitism and violence in America.

So far, I sort of follow. I mean, I have to accept the many logical missteps that cause Ioffe and her “like mindeds” to find that Trump, at best, cultivates and abets anti-Semitism in America. I’ll leave that bag of snakes for others to untangle. It’s unnecessary here because her next leap of logic and reason is downright dangerous and utterly inexplicable.

“I hope the embassy move over there, where you don’t live was worth it.” In addition to missing a comma placement in that sentence, Ioffe totally misses the point.

In my effort to deconstruct Ioffe’s thought bubble, I’ll adopt her reasoning:

President Trump is a Nazi supporter. You unenlightened Jews who support his presidency, and those of you who do not but commend his policies with respect to Israel, well, are you ever out to lunch.

You see, Trump’s decision to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was the direct cause of a madman taking a semi-automatic rifle into a synagogue on a Shabbat morning to murder as many innocents as possible. Because they are Jewish.

If you’re confused, you’re not alone. It gets better.

Among the effluent floating to the top in the social media sewer, Simone Zimmerman, left-wing American Jewish activist, added her singular touch on Sunday:

“No words. Jewish fascists abusing white-supremacist terrorism to stoke Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian hate. Your collaboration with our Nazi-friendly administration is part of what allowed this to happen, and you are a disgrace to our people.”

That word-vomit was a response to a quite sober statement from Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, in which he decried anti-Semitism and implored Trump to make a major speech or statement on the subject. That’s it.

Somehow, the Ioffe-Zimmerman axis spins that into some sort of Jewish conspiracy, I guess.

One more time, continuing to adopt a hybrid Ioffe-Zimmerman  persona:

American Jews overwhelmingly support Trump (factually untrue) or hold their collective nose (no unintentional ethno-racial stereotypes being invoked here in poor taste) to sort of back him because he is supportive of Israel.

That makes American Jews fascists. These fascist Jews manipulate white supremacist terrorism (again, in America) to foment Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian hatred.

Huh? So. American Jews, who are either outright fascists or fascist sympathizers, are somehow inspiring white supremacists toward the hatred of themselves.

It gets even less lucid.

By collaborating with the Trump Nazi administration, which moved the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, you Jews (excepting the rarefied few like Ioffe and Zimmerman) brought this massacre on yourselves.

Put simply. The victims are to be blamed. Jewish chicanery and evil are at the root of this horrendous mass murder.

Ioffe regurgitates the most offensive and ignorant anti-Semitic tropes wielded by mass murderers for millennia, most effectively during the previous century in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. And she does so blithely, within moments of the massacre.

I read her comments in horror. Disbelief. I reread it. I responded:

“There have been hard-boiled anti-Semites in the U.S. for centuries. You are also aware that you resort to a time-worn Jew bashing practice: blame the Jews for their travails. I find that very disturbing.”

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